Upcoming UK Events and Teslathons

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DateEvent Details
October 2023Nottingham Gaussfest 2023Gaussfest details

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Past UK Tesla Coiling Events and UK Teslathons

Nottingham Gaussfest 2022October 2022
Nottingham Gaussfest 2021October 2021
Nottingham Gaussfest 2019April 2019
Nottingham Gaussfest 2018March 2018
Nottingham Gaussfest 2017March 2017
Nottingham Gaussfest 2016March 2016
Cambridge Teslathon 2015October 2015
Nottingham Gaussfest 2015March 2015
Cambridge Teslathon 2014October 2014
Crossness Convivial 2014September 2014
Nottingham Gaussfest 2014March 2014
Cambridge Teslathon 2013October 2013
Nottingham Gaussfest 2013May 2013
Cambridge Teslathon 2012October 2012
Nottingham Gaussfest 2012May 2012
Kew Bridge Steam Museum 2012March 2012
Cambridge Teslathon 2011October 2011
Nottingham Gaussfest 2011March 2011
Cambridge Teslathon 2010October 2010
Nottingham Gaussfest 2010March 2010
Cambridge Teslathon 2009October 2009
Nottingham Gaussfest 2009March 2009
Cambridge Teslathon 2008October 2008
Derby Teslathon 2008May 2008
Nottingham Gaussfest 2008March 2008
Cambridge Teslathon 2007October 2007
UK (Derby) Teslathon 2007May 2007
Nottingham Gaussfest 2007 March 2007
Cambridge Teslathon 2006October 2006
UK (Derby) Teslathon 2006June 2006
Nottingham Gaussfest 2006 March 2006
Cambridge Teslathon 2005October 2005
UK (Derby) Teslathon 2005May 27/28th 2005
Nottingham Gaussfest 2005February 26th 2005
Cambridge Teslathon 2004October 30th 2004
Nottingham Gaussfest 2004September 3rd & 4th 2004
Amberley Teslathon 2004June 19th 2004
UK (Derby) Teslathon 2004May 28th & 29th 2004
Nottingham Gaussfest 2004February 27th & 28th 2004
Cambridge Teslathon 2003November 1st 2003
Nottingham Teslathon 2003September 6th 2003
Amberley Teslathon 2003June 29th 2003
Derby Teslathon 200324th May 2003
Cambridge Teslathon 2002October 26th 2002
Derby Teslathon 2002June 15th 2002
Amberley Teslathon 2002May 25th & 26th 2002

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